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It is the responsibility of the guest to include all transfer fees and charges to ensure that the hotel receives the full booking amount. Please follow the instructions on your email confirmation to complete the transfer.
銀行名支店名 : 八十二銀行 白馬支店
Bank : HachiJyuni Bank
口座の種類  : 普通預金
Account Type : Savings
口 座 名 義  :  TheHakubaCompany株式会社 (ザハクバカンパニーカブシキガイシャ)
Account Title : TheHakubacompany. co Ltd
口 座 番 号  : 195535
Account Number : 195535
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Property Information

True SKI IN / SKI OUT luxury accommodation.
Introducing the most beautiful new home in Hakuba, located on the Hakuba Happo Sakka ski slope.

Hachi blends modern luxury with Japanese tradition unlike anything else in Hakuba.

Comfort for 14 people. 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, large kitchen and dining area, dedicated drying room, traditional Japanese tatami room, separate living and media rooms.

The house comes packaged complete with a HiAce van (International Driver’s License is  required).

Enjoy Hakuba. Welcome to Hachi.

Address 1: 4823 Minami Sakka

City : Hakuba-village Kita-Azumigun - Nagano

Postal Code : 399-9301

Contact Name : Ayako Akimoto

Phone : +81 26175 0077

Email :

  • Concierge desk

Check-In / Check-Out Policies

This property has the following check-in and check-out times and policies.

Check-In : 04:00 PM

Check-Out : 10:00 AM

Property and Cancellation Policies :
2. CANCELLATION2-1.The following applied to bookings, defined as checking in between 1stApril and 30th November2-1-1. Cancellation between14 and 7 days before check in 30 % of booking total.2-1-2. Cancellation between6 and 2 days before check in 50 % of booking total.2-1-3. Cancellation 1 dayor less before check in 100 % of booking total.  2-2. The following applied to winter bookings, defined aschecking in between 1st December and 31st March.2-2-1. Cancellation between30 and 15 days before check in 30 % of booking total.2-2-2. Cancellation between14 and 7 days before check in 50 % of booking total.2-2-3. Cancellation 6 day or less before check in 100 %of booking total.
Terms and Conditions

1. RESERVATION1-1.Preliminary reservations areaccepted via HP or Telephone. The booking is not confirmed until a written Confirmationis issued by us.1-2. All offers, prices, terms and conditions are subject tochange or withdrawal without notice prior to a confirmation being issued.1-3. The bookings details are as perthe Confirmation. Any change to the number of and /or the ages of guests may changethe booking total amount.1-4. All prices are in Japanese Yen and include 8% Japaneseconsumption tax.1-5. To confirm the reservationin winter between December 1st and March 31st a 20% non-refundable deposit isrequired within 15 daysafter the booking date. The final payment with due date25 days prior to the arrival date.(We request full payment with the due date 15 days priorto the arrival date in April to November) 3. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE3-1.Arrival and departure times must be provided to us via Email or Telephone atleast 5 days before the arrival date. We provide free pick up anddrop off service to Happo bus terminal or Hakuba station.3-2.Rooms are available for occupation from 3pm3-3.Check-out time is 10:00am. All luggage and personal items must be removed fromthe room(s) at time of check-out.3-4. Upon check-in we require a copy of guest credit carddetails to be taken for security/bond purposes.3-5. Japanese law requires that weobtain all guest’s full names, nationalities, passport numbers, postaladdresses and occupations at check in. 4. HOURS 4-1Front reception 8AM to 8PM4-2Hours vary with season 5. BED TYPE 5-1.3 of King- size 192X195     4 of Single Split Beds 97X195       4 of Single Mattress 97X195  6. HOUSE KEEPING 6-1Housekeeping during the stay as follows:6-1-1 Daily: Trash out, Freshtowels provided, 6-1-2 Fresh bed linen once every 4 days and room /Bath/ Kitchen cleaning for stays over 4 nights or longer. 7. PROPERTY DAMAGE OR LOSS 7-1.You accept responsibility for damage to the room or hotel common areas,fittings, furniture, keys and other chattels caused during your occupation,including any consequential losses incurred.7-2. Inthe event where property or amenity has been damaged or lost the guest will paymountainside in full for any damage caused and replacement costs.7-3.A valid credit card is required as a security deposit and you authorize us tocharge all fees and charges properly chargeable under this agreement to thatcredit card. 8. NO SMOKING AND NO PETS POLICIES
8-1. HACHI a strict NO SMOKING POLICY within its buildings.8-2. If guest smoke in the condominiumand continue to smoke after being requested to stop we may evict the group orany individual from the condominium without any refund.8-3. If anyone in the group has smokedin the condominium they will be charged additional cleaning costs and costsincurred in compensating later guests who are affected by the smell of smokingor the owner of the room for bookings that need to be relocated to a differentroom.8-4. HACHI a strict NO PETS POLICYwithin its buildings. Under no circumstances will pets be permitted to stay. 9. PARKING 9-1. HACHI will not be liable for thecustody of the vehicle of the Guest when the Guest utilizes the parking lotwithin the premises of the Hotel, as it shall be regarded that the simply offersthe space for parking. However, We will compensate the Guest for damage causedthrough intent or negligence on the part of the Hotel in regards to themanagement of the parking lot 10. RESPONSIBILITY 10-1. HACHI (The Hakuba Company K.K) operates wholly in Japan andthe law of Japan applies to all services provided. Where services are providedby agents and principals the Bookings are made subject to the terms andconditions of the agent or principal. 10-2. Subject to Japanese law HACHI (The Hakuba Company K.K), and principalsare not liable for any loss, damage, delay, consequential loss, injury or deathresulting from any act, alteration or omission by The Hakuba Company K.K., orprincipals, any third party, act of god or other circumstances. 10-3. HACHI cannot under any circumstances beheld responsible for snow conditions. No booking can be cancelled, altered oramended on the basis of weather conditions10-4. We expect guests protect themselves against all risks oftravel, including the possibility of having to cancel a holiday or alter traveldates, with appropriate Travel Insurance which they arrange at the time theypay their Deposit.  
TheHakuba Company